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Sights and Attractions in Middle Tennessee

Food & Drink

Craft brewery in nearby Tullahoma.


Multigenerational family farm located in nearby Murfreesboro.


Multigenerational family farm located just outside Wartrace.


Possibly the best pizza around.


Live music in a cave!

Bell Buckle, Food & Drink

Bell Buckle's budding farmer's market.

Nashville, Music

Known as Music City for a reason.

Outdoors & Recreation

The best way to experience the Duck River.

Outdoors & Recreation

Tennessee fishing.

Outdoors & Recreation

Tennessee hiking.


One of the only all-Confederate cemeteries.

Historical, Music

Historical boutique guitar maker.

Food & Drink

Microbrewery and live music venue in Murfreesboro.

Food & Drink

Southern-style, handcrafted winery offering tours and tastings in Lynchburg, TN.

Historical, Shopping

The Civil War Museum is dedicated to the common soldier North or South during the June 1863 Tullahoma Campaign.

Outdoors & Recreation

Home of the second longest cave in middle Tennesssee and venue of the Bluegrass Underground.

Historical, Agritourism

Elegant country dining in the scenic atmosphere of an 1825 Grist Mill.

Dining, Historical, Food & Drink

Restored mill and family style restaurant.

Food & Drink

Producer of fine, authentic moonshine and bourbon.


A well-known Tennessee Walking Horse farm.

Academic, Historical

Private liberal arts university set atop the Cumberland Plateau.


The best way to experience Tennessee.

Travel, Historical

A major Air Force scientific research base.

Bell Buckle, Historical, Academic

Renowned, historical boarding school.


Just like mom's kitchen.


Southern style diner in nearby Wartrace.

Dining, Music

Homestyle cooking in nearby Christiana.

Bell Buckle, Dining

Get your coffee fix and other tasty treats here.

Bell Buckle, Dining

Bell Buckle's award winning ice cream parlor and antique store.

Bell Buckle, Dining, Shopping

Unique gift shop and delicious food.

Bell Buckle, Dining, Music

Bell Buckle's staple eatery.

Bell Buckle, Shopping

Why most folks come visit.


Tennessee's largest public university.


Graduate education and research instititution.

Bell Buckle, Historical

The story of Bell Buckle, coming soon.


All things Tennessee Walking Horse.


Site of a crucial Civil War battle.

Food & Drink

Small-scale winery in nearby Manchester.

Food & Drink

Middle Tennessee's award winning winemaker.

Food & Drink

Small batch spirits.

Food & Drink

Small-scale Tennessee whiskey.

Food & Drink

The best whiskey in the world.

Academic, Nashville

Top-ranked private research university in Nashville.

Bell Buckle, Travel, Historical

Come see the beautiful preservation of our small town.